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Thematic Framework &
GNCR Signage Master Plan 


Guiding Visitor Experiences in Northern BC

During 2021-2022, under the professional guidance of the interpretive planning and exhibit design firm, AldrichPears Associates, NBCTA developed a Northern BC Thematic Framework and the Great Northern Circle Route Signage Master Plan. These projects were made possible through the Province's Stronger BC economic recovery plan, the Targeted Regional Tourism Development Initiative (TRTDI) and Destination BC's funding and build on the 10-year Destination Development strategies for Northeast and Northwest BC. As a result of the collaborative efforts with Destination BC and Indigenous Tourism BC, the projects also integrate and align with Destination BC’s Invest in Iconics Strategy. NBCTA is a Biosphere Certified destination and recognizes the importance of responsible travel by educating the traveller with effective wayfinding.

Through a series of 30+ community workshops the stories were discovered, mapped, and organized into themes that support a Thematic Framework. The framework will guide future development and funding of interpretive visitor experiences, tours, and other visitor attractions and facilities. The results of the Thematic Framework will link with the themes to inform the Great Northern Circle Route Master Signage Plan.

NBCTA is now working with partners from across the region to install almost $1-million of interpretive signage infrastructure. Learn more at the links below.  

Iconic Destination Signage Program

Building upon the Destination Development Strategies, Thematic Framework and the Great Northern Circle Route Signage Master Plan, the Iconic Destination Signage Program is the installation of $1M of interpretive signage infrastructure throughout Northern BC in partnership with communities. 
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Northern BC Thematic Framework

The Northern BC Thematic Framework (NBCTF) is a foundational document that identifies the themes and topics for Northern BC. It guides and aligns future development of meaningful heritage interpretation and visitor experiences, based on authentic, inclusive and compelling themes and topics. The NBCTF reflects the voices, contributions, and experiences of Northern BC residents, who shared their perspective over a year through workshops, interviews, research and conversations. This framework is flexible and will be built upon, deepened and refined over time.

The NBCTF can be referred to by many different types of organizations and individuals: tourism associations, regional districts, municipalities, communities, band councils, businesses, planners, tourism operators, interpretive facilities, funders, consultants and others. NBCTA encourages the use of the NBCTF for consistency of interpretative themes and messaging across the Northern BC region.

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Great Northern Circle Route Signage Master Plan

The Great Northern Circle Route Signage Master Plan (GNCR) provides the design, which was guided by the Northern BC Thematic Framework, for the sign system, signage standards, design drawings and specifications, and an implementation plan for Northern BC. The GNCR establishes a comprehensive wayfinding system to direct visitors around Northern BC using gateways, directional, trailblazing, identification signage as well as interpretative signage and aims to promote destinations on spurs and loops off the main path, encouraging visitors to explore and spend more time in the area.

The family of sign types in the GNCR are devised to identify destinations and promote visitation within the region. Meant to augment and work with other systems — from MoTI or a community — the sign family provides a means of communicating information not otherwise available on the major corridors of the GNCR. This signage plan can be referred to by regional districts, communities, visitor attractions, trail designers, designers, interpretation specialists, and fabricators as they develop or update signage.

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To learn more about the Northern BC Thematic Framework and Great Northern Circle Route Signage Master Plan please contact, Martina Bancroft, Tourism Development Coordinator

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