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Value of Tourism 


Northern BC Tourism Association is dedicated to empowering and supporting our communities to tell the important Value of Tourism story.

We are committed to supporting our communities to educate locals about the Value of Tourism

Value of Tourism in Northern British Columbia

Watch and share this video to learn and educate about the value of the tourism industry to northern BC. 

Northern BC Tourism Association provides over 30 advocacy-based templates to be used to communicate with residents, media, government, and community leaders – access to these templates is open to communities within the region that would like our support engaging locals in the Value of Tourism conversation.

We are committed to continuing to encourage our communities to have ‘Value of Tourism’ conversations utilizing these resources and have begun a weekly educational email series that highlights key templates from our Local Advocacy Kit and gives tips, tricks, and practical ideas on how to implement them in your community in each edition.

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Value of Tourism in Northern BC 

In 2019, there was $1.1 billion of visitor spend in Northern BC. 

Understanding tourism's contribution to our region is imperative to developing an informed tourism planning approach and strengthening the support of local government and community members. In 2022, NBCTA undertook a Value of Tourism study for Northern BC, which clearly demonstrates the huge economic impact the tourism industry has in the region. 

Value of Tourism

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