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2023 Northern BC Tourism Summit

2023 Northern BC Tourism Summit

We are very pleased to announce that the Northern BC Tourism Summit is coming back this fall for the first time since 2019 and registration is now open!

The Road Forward is the theme for the 2023 Summit.

Our summit will bring together industry experts, travel enthusiasts, and local businesses to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities in Northern BC's tourism sector.

Expect engaging discussions, insightful keynote speakers, and interactive workshops that will equip you with valuable knowledge and insights. Connect with like-minded individuals, forge new partnerships, and gain inspiration to take the tourism sector to the next level in the region.

The Road Forward is the theme for the 2023 Summit. The sector has taken continual hits from natural disasters and global pandemics to economic pressures and this year is our opportunity to come back together and plot the road forward together. The challenges our sector has faced highlighted that working together generates creative solutions to the shared obstacles that we face.

As the African proverb states, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far, go together." Collectively, as a sector, we are focused on balancing people, planet and prosperity for the sustainable development and promotion of the industry in our region. The tourism sector supports the visitor economy while improving the quality of life for residents in our communities.

Don't miss this chance to be part of the Northern BC 2023 Tourism Summit! Mark your calendar, pack your bags, and get ready to embark on a collaborative learning experience as we work together to development The Road Forward for the tourism sector in Northern British Columbia.

Meet Our Speakers

Dr. Rachel Dodds

Dr. Rachel Dodds is a globally known expert in sustainable tourism and a passionate changemaker. She has worked in the tourism industry helping governments, businesses and consumers make more sustainable tourism choices for the past 25 years.

Dr. Dodds is a professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, the Director of a boutique consultancy called Sustaining Tourism as well as a start-up called Klevr Places – a data dashboard company. She has published hundreds of articles globally about destination planning and policy, overtourism, consumer motivations and recently cowrote a best selling book for the general public about how to travel more sustainability called: Are we there yet? Traveling more responsibly with your children.  Rachel has lived and worked on four continents and travelled to over 80 countries.

Dr. Dodds was featured in the documentary The Last Tourist. She will be giving a provocative and inspiring presentation to Northern BC tourism partners about the confluence of people, planet and prosperity when it comes to sustainability and the tourism industry.

Learn more about Dr. Dodds here
Session Description

Balancing Choices – People, Planet, and Profit 

Are we thriving or surviving? In a resource-based economy, there is no doubt that the environment is a fundamental consideration but is this the only consideration for Northern BC’s tourism industry? This talk will explore some challenges this region is facing as well as what success looks like in the short to long term. Keys to achieving a balance will be discussed and we will end with practical solutions to achieve better tourism for all.

Chris Fields

Chris Fields is an informative, entertaining, and insightful strategic humorist with a serious message: dare to be different and reach highest aspiration or join the burgeoning ranks of the unnoticed. Chris’ 31 years of award-winning community economic development experience has been dedicated to reconnecting people to the power of community-building. His dry sense of humour and no nonsense, cut-through-clutter style challenges conventions and leaves people with inspiration to “make community-building personal.”

Session Description
5 Ways to Achieve the Tourism Exceptional

Each of us wants to rise to the occasion – in our personal lives, professional lives, and as part of a community creating a bright future. But the big question – the stumbling block we often run into – is how? What’s holding us back and how do we plan for an ambitious future amidst a world of exponential change and the inherent challenges of democratic governance? In a presentation that is described as informative, entertaining, and a little bit crazy, five ways to leap the hurdles that stand in the way of exceptional spaces, places, people and tourism are explored. You will be challenged to think differently about what you do and what you can do to elevate tourism, your community, workplace, and your daily life.

Agenda & Schedule

From the Welcome Reception at The Exploration Place to an evening downtown Prince George for 'Bites, Flights and Sites' with Tourism Prince George, and amazing speakers on sustainability, marketing and accessibility in between,  we have a fantastic agenda planned for you.


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