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Destination Stewardship

Northern BC Tourism Association

Working Together To Create World-Class Destinations

Northern BC Tourism Association works with tourism stakeholders and community members from across the region to strategically create a shared and sustainable future for the tourism sector in northern BC in a collaborative and mutually beneficial way.

Northern BC’s Destination Development

Through Destination Development, NBCTA aims to increase tourism in the region by fostering economic collaboration between local tourism partners.

This focus on destination development will allow northern BC to more easily compete with new and emerging tourism destinations that are focusing their efforts on creating high quality and unique experiences. Consumers are also better able to find and customize their tourism experience with easy to use self-planning booking tools, so having the right product at the right time is more important than ever.

Destination Development Strategies

The Northeastern BC area stretches from the Alaska Highway to the Yukon-BC border and continues on from the Alberta border to the western edge of the Muskwa Kechika Area  

The area has concluded their Destination Development Strategy and are working on implementation. A few of the key themes of this strategy focus on transportation infrastructure and hospitality staff development. 
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Destination Development Projects

The Northwest area spans from Tatshenshini-Alsek Park at the Alaska-Yukon-BC border to the start of Highway 37 and west from Prince Rupert to the east of Valemount.

The Northwest area is currently in the initial stages of their Destination Development Strategy planning. We are working with our partners in Northwest BC to create a dynamic strategy that will lead to implementation in the near future.
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Indigenous Tourism

Indigenous Tourism BC and the Northern British Columbia Tourism Association work together to advance a competitive, sustainable and socially conscious Indigenous tourism industry.

The goal is to contribute to cultural understanding and economic prosperity within the northern region. The growth of the tourism industry depends on our joint efforts to ensure that Indigenous tourism is able to realize its full potential as a major cultural asset in the region. 
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Our vision is to support the development of a tourism industry in Northern BC that is committed to the sustainable use of natural assets and to the promotion of biodiversity. We will do this through: 

  • Positioning NBCTA as a champion of sustainability
  • Pursuing Biosphere Certification and implementing the Biosphere process for communities and businesses
  • Aspiring and adhering to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
  • Ensuring the implementation of effective policies, procedures and systems that prioritize accessibility and inclusion
  • Developing a tourism industry that is committed to respecting and upholding the socio-cultural authenticity and traditional values of host communities, and to supporting inter-cultural understanding
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Access & Inclusion

Establishing your business as an inclusive and accessible space will result in more new and returning customers for you and your community

Incorporating universally accessible design is the best way to open your business to an even larger audience while also helping visitors feel valued and included. 
Our Access and Inclusion team will gladly help you assess the steps that you can take to become an Accessible and Inclusive business.
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Updates on Destination Stewardship

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