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Emergency Prepardness


Safety Is Our #1 Priority

Our number one priority is to keep each other safe during times of emergency.
An Emergency and Communication Plan is a responsible and important business necessity.

Emergency Management Database Form

Your Emergency & Communication Plan

We strongly encourage all tourism stakeholders to ensure they are adequately prepared at all times for emergency situations

We have processes established to communicate accurate information to guests and those travelling the region.

It is of critical importance that only official up-to-date messages should be shared in an effort to prevent miscommunication and negative media attention during emergency events.

We have compiled below an official list of resources to help you prepare and refer to in a time of emergency.

Preparation & Resources

Grab your step-by-step guides for preparing your tourism businesses and staff for emergencies, complete with templates and tools to help operators easily plan a fast and effective response.


Wildfires are annual events in Northern BC and staying vigilant and safe are community necessities. Below you’ll find resources for tracking, reporting, and staying up to date with the current wildfire situation in British Columbia.


Preparing Your Business For A Flood

British Columbia is prone to flooding due to our mountainous terrain and the wet weather that comes in from the Pacific Ocean. This information kit provides businesses with an overview of key activities to help prepare for, and react to, a flood event proactively.

River Forecast Centre

Analyses snow-pack, assesses seasonal water supply and flood risk, and predicts flows in BC’s rivers and streams. It produces a range of bulletins, maps and warnings to inform emergency managers and the public about current and upcoming streamflow conditions.

Weather Alerts

Environment Canada

Resource for the latest weather information, statements, and air quality advisories.

Parks & Recreation Sites Warnings and Closures

BC Parks Advisories and Closures

Information regarding Provincial campgrounds and park closures.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Social Services

Information regarding emergency reception centres and assistance. Support for the displaced, and group lodging

Red Cross

Evacuees can register with the Red Cross by calling 1-800-863-6582

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