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Accessibility & Inclusion Workshop

Northern BC for All: Breaking Down the Barriers for Enhanced Visitor Experience, Half-Day Accessibility and Inclusion Workshop

What is Accessible Tourism? Why should I care? What’s in it for me? Join us for a transformative half-
day Accessibility and Inclusion Workshop designed specifically for the tourism sector. This workshop will
empower you with the essential knowledge and tools to cater to diverse audiences and create tourism
opportunities that appeal to a greater number of visitors.

The Northern BC for All: Breaking Down the Barriers for Enhanced Visitor Experience, Half-
Day Accessibility and Inclusion Workshop is a workshop add-on to the Northern BC Tourism Association
Summit. We’ve compiled an experienced lineup of business owners, tourism operators, advocates,
consultants, and persons with lived experiences. This group will help you explore barriers that prevent
diverse visitor demographics from participating in tourism experiences, and work directly with you
through engaging, interactive sessions to help you attract and retain a loyal and more diverse visitor
base to Northern BC.

Gain insights into the importance of creating inclusive travel experiences and understand how accessible
tourism can open doors to new markets and loyal customers through the exploration of four themes.
Introduction to Accessible Tourism will explore the market size and visitor demographics, discuss
different types of opportunities to reduce barriers to participation in your tourism product, service or
experience, around the municipality / region and highlight Northern BC Tourism’s accessibility and
inclusion initiatives and impact.

This session is being offered as an add on session to the Northern BC Tourism Summit, taking place in Prince George on October 11 - 13, 2023. You can add this session on to your regular conference registration, or register for this workshop alone.


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