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Northern BC Tourism Celebrates Tourism Week 2024

April 15, 2024, Prince George, British Columbia – As Tourism Week 2024 arrives, tourism operators, businesses and organizations are welcoming the opportunity to celebrate the invaluable contribution tourism makes to our communities. Northern BC Tourism will be spending Tourism Week 2024 highlighting the positive economic and social impacts of tourism in our economy. 

“Tourism plays an important role in our local economies not just from a visitor attraction perspective but also in providing quality of life for local residents,” said Clint Fraser, CEO. “We know that a healthy tourism economy is a vital contributor to our local economy and believe that we all have a role to play in supporting tourism in this region.  The tourism sector in our region represents $1.85 Billion in direct, indirect, and induced visitor spending (2019) and employs nearly 8,000 people.” 

“The Northern BC Tourism Association remains committed to supporting community destination management organizations and small businesses to continue to sustainably enhance Northern British Columbia as a travel destination,” said Fraser. “We use this week to celebrate our tourism businesses. We look forward to the summer of 2024 continuing to build tourism as a thriving sector in the region.” 

In 2024 the Tourism Industry Association of Canada is challenging destinations, landmarks, attractions, venues and hotels to light up in green from April 15 - 19, 2024 as part of its Canada: Powered by Tourism campaign to raise awareness of the tourism industry’s economic, social, and cultural importance in Canada. Be sure to use the hashtags #GoGreen and #TourismWeekCanada2024 when sharing your pics on social media.

“This year's enduring theme echoes the undeniable truth that tourism is a cornerstone of Canada's prosperity. It's a sector that fuels the creation of 1 in 15 (2019) jobs nationwide, infusing over $100 billion in expenditure into the Canadian economy. But the significance of tourism transcends mere economic measures. Its profound impact weaves through the cultural tapestry of Canada, reflecting the diverse ideals, people, and communities that form the heart of this nation.” - TIAC


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