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Northern BC Winter 2023/24 Campaigns

Northern BC Tourism provides in-region support for Destinations BC's Co-operative Marketing Partnerships Program, an application-based program that funds community and sector-driven marketing initiatives. This winter, we're excited to launch campaigns that showcase the unique beauty and experiences of the season Northern BC is most known for - winter!

Northeast BC

Welcome to the 'Home of Big Winter' in Northeastern BC!

Our winter campaign for 2023 is set to redefine the region's allure by spotlighting the vast array of winter adventures available. Our primary objectives include evolving the famed Big 5 positioning to encompass the winter landscape and amplifying awareness of individual destination community partners alongside their unique winter activities.

We aim to showcase Northeastern BC's distinctiveness in winter experiences. We're reinventing The Big Five into a winter version, emphasizing daily adventures and micro-experiences through captivating itineraries.

Northwest BC

Embark on an extraordinary winter journey in the Northwest!

Our 2023 winter campaign aims to spotlight the activities awaiting discovery in this region. Our objective is to highlight the abundant winter experiences available. For explorers, we're showcasing the allure of this area's exceptional winter activities. Our compelling idea invites you to 'Step Beyond the Ordinary and into Epic Winter Adventures in NWBC.' Discover unparalleled snow, vibrant communities, and diverse activities—break away from the usual and embrace an epic winter experience in the welcoming Northwest.

Programmatic Advertising

Our static ads are strategically distributed through digital programmatic advertising across various social media platforms. We use a mix of methods— Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, and Programmatic— to primarily use paid media. These targeted ads aim to connect with individuals likely to plan trips to northern BC, focusing on raising brand awareness and guiding them to explore and websites.

For the winter campaign specifically, our paid ads direct users to a Winter Itinerary Blog Page that delves deeper into diverse experiences offered by multiple destination communities. Each static ad highlights different winter experiences, leading viewers to a detailed itinerary showcasing various destinations. Additionally, partners can share this tagged blog content, expanding its reach.

By employing a combination of Organic & Paid Social Media alongside Programmatic Digital Display, we aim to amplify the Winter narrative. The paid ads drive traffic to a winter itinerary blog page, enhancing the exploration of unique experiences within northern communities.

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