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Nisga’a Community of Gitlaxt’aamiks Economic Development Week

On June 7-11 2021 the Nisga’a Community of Gitlaxt’aamiks hosted an Economic Development week for entrepreneurs in their community, which geared towards assisting indigenous owned businesses information to become market ready as well as gathered facilitators to present opportunities to create a sustainable business that would be beneficial to locals and visitors. Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government-Economic Development has created a Tourism Gitmidiik strategic plan for the next 5 years to give support and substantial opportunities for local businesses to grow and be sustainable for years to come.

This is the first of many sessions for store owners, landscaping, traditional regalia, Tupperware, jewellery, bakers, floral, apparel, food industry business owners as well as carvers of all types to come together to present the business they own or are a representative of. While in attendance each day, the entrepreneurs were given opportunities to have small group discussions regarding GST, PST, WCB as well as how to register to Revenue Canada.

Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government also gave information on how to access the local Business license and grant program. Local Nisga’a Employment Skills and Training Employment Advisor presented on support opportunities that each business owner can access from basic bookkeeping, wage subsidy, driver’s license training if travel or driving is required for their business. Tricorp employees presented on business loans that could be available for start up costs as well as how important having assets would be for the business and was able to present loan application details.

Tricorp also has upcoming online training for:

  1. Essential skills such as Document use, reading text, Numeracy, writing, computer use
  2. Soft Skills such as Communication, Teamwork, Motivation, Time Management & Stress Management

There is also opportunities to access internet and laptop loan program that could be available for this 13 week training which a cohort would begin in June 2021. Tea Creek Greenhouse is a business that assists Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government employees in agriculture opportunities for locals to learn how to grow and harvest fresh fruit and vegetables upon which is shared with the community.

Northern BC Tourism and Indigenous Tourism BC’s Indigenous Specialist was in attendance to each day and had the opportunity to present information of each organization and create working relationships with entrepreneurs and introductions to organizations and local government officials.

The event was successfully attended with COVID-19 regulations in place and we wish each business continued prosperity.

Group from the Gitlaxt’aamiks Village Government.

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