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We work with journalists, freelance writers, social influencers, editors, and broadcasters on travel-focused stories to build destination awareness around the world. Requests for media support are handled on an individual basis and the level of support is dictated by our limited resources, size of the request, type of content and outlet, time of year and demand on staff time. Media support can include hosted media visits and itinerary creation, Travel, lodging, and other expenses may be covered on a limited basis. 

How Do We Work With Bloggers and Online Content Creators?

Northern BC Tourism works with bloggers and online content creators, Unfortunately, due to the large number of requests annually our resources for hosting bloggers and online content creators are competitive. Northern BC will require access to Google Analytics for your site. Please fill out the Media assistance request form here.

How Do We Work With Influencers?

We work with influencers on a limited basis. We do not do paid influencer campaigns, but rather support with travel and logistic support and may purchase B-Roll if aligned with current content demands. Influencers who are interested in visiting Northern BC in exchange for hosting should indicate this on their Media Assistance Request here.

Media Hosting Policy

Northern BC Tourism hosts media on assignment or researching story angles on a limited, case-by-case basis. Anyone interested in applying for media hosting must complete our Media Assistance Request Form here. Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your visit and what type of support you are seeking. Due to limited resources, Northern BC Tourism is unable to fulfill every request and reserves the right to refuse any request.

If you would like to request assistance, please see the requirements below:

  • A Media Assistance Request Form is required for all media hosting. Please fill out the form in detail related to the type of media you contribute to. For individuals who contribute to multiple sources, please choose the outlet you contribute to the most.
  • Promote British Columbia as a travel destination in print, online or broadcast media,
  • Represent more than one travel/hospitality industry partner,
  • Reflect a confirmed assignment by the journalist and editor,
  • Provide unpaid editorial coverage in our key geographic and sector/vertical markets and support our key strategies,
  • Represent a publication with a minimum monthly readership of 50,000 - higher circulations may be required based on market and demographic (contact Media Relations department for television / online requirements);
  • Provide three weeks advance notice.

Story Ideas

If you have story ideas you’d like to submit, please do so via the form below. Include your pitch, ideal audiences, and trip plans. A member of our team will contact you directly after your submission has been received.

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