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Research Update - January 10 2022

The Northern BC Tourism monthly research email is sent out on the first Friday of every month.

Northern BC Tourism has invested in a research program through the BC Regional Tourism Secretariat. The data is obtained from the Environics Analytics Visitor View Canada Program and allows us to see the volume of visitors to Northern BC, as well as the types of visitors who are coming to our region.

We update our website on a weekly basis and you can use the link below to access this data.

The below sector reports are meant to create a tool for businesses, communities, and government organizations to understand different target groups and apply the insights to marketing strategy and recovery plans. These sector reports aim to profile demographic and psychographic data within British Columbia and provide detailed insights to aid in developing and reaching your marketing goals. 

This month, we are pleased to share the sector reports for Culture & Heritage Enthusiast and Culinary Enthusiast. Previously shared sector reports can be found here!

The Culture & Heritage Enthusiast market consists of four distinct target groups: Diverse Youth, Multicultural Middle-Aged, Cultured Adults, and Cultured Wealth. 
42% of the total households in British Columbia index above average for Culture & History related activities, and of those households 13.5% are in the Diverse Youth target group. Learn more about this sector analysis and the data found here!

The Culinary Enthusiast market consists of three distinct target groups: Friends & Food, Empty-Nest Experiencers, and Family Foodies.
23% of the total households in British Columbia index above average for Culinary activities, and of those households 13.3% are in the Friends & Food target group. Learn more about this sector analysis and the data found here!
The Measuring Canadian Travel Patterns dashboard created by Environics Analytics helps the Canadian travel and tourism industry understand the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic as it relates to Domestic Overnight Visitors within Canada, its provinces, territories, and tourism regions.
With this dashboard we can easily compare visitor travel patterns (to prior weeks in 2021 and year over year 2019, and 2020).

The below visitation data is weekly from January 1, 2021 up to December 26, 2021
Source: Measuring Canadian Travel Patterns: January 1 - December 26, 2021 

The highlights below are related to the weekly year over year data provided above, up until December 26, 2021. 

Participate in the STR "Star" Report: Submit your data and receive free reports benchmarking your performance against your market. Sign up for free here: 
Source: STR Benchmarking - British Columbia Hotel Association
Source: British Columbia Regional Tourism Secretariat: Recovery Tracking September Update

PRIZM provides insights into more than 30,000 variables including demographics, consumer preferences, lifestyles and values tied to postal codes. There are 67 PRIZM Clusters in Canada.

Below are the top three British Columbia PRIZM Visitor Segments to Northern BC (i.e. visitors coming to Northern BC from within BC). 

Each month we will feature a visitor segments. This month, we are featuring Keep on Trucking. This segment consistency ranks in the top segments of BC visitors coming to Northern BC 11 months of the year in 2021. In our previous newsletters, we featured the top three segments: Country & Western, Suburban Sports and Indigenous Families.  

Source: Environics Analytics PRIZM

Northern BC Tourism Association recently worked with Symphony Tourism Services to obtain research specific to three different regional areas of Northern BC. The full reports can be viewed at the links below. 

The data shows visitor insights from BC and Alberta visitors for Q1, Q2 and Q3 of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Q4 data will be updated in early 2022. Number of visitors, overnight stays, top PRIZM segments and EQ segments is some of the data included in these reports. 

As the tourism industry continues to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, the BCRTS will provide baseline research to support industry. This research and visitor analysis will help the tourism industry understand who is visiting our regions. This research also allows the industry to plan strategically to attract visitors. More information on the Monthly Visitor Highlights can be found here!

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