The Alaska Highway - a National Historic Site

The Alaska Highway Community Society (AHCS) in BC and the Alaska Highway Heritage Society (AHHS) in Yukon are pleased to announce that the nomination of the Alaska Highway Corridor as a National Historic Site of Canada was submitted to the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada on 15 October 2015.

The Alaska Highway Corridor is a cultural landscape that traverses 1,900 km from Dawson Creek, through northeastern BC and Yukon, to the Alaska border. Within this cultural landscape, 12 discrete sites in BC and Yukon have been recommended for inclusion in the nomination. As with the nomination, the AHCS and AHHS recognize that local initiative is key, and that the sites included in the nomination represent only a fraction of the many places that are enjoyed and appreciated by residents and visitors alike. 

National Historic Sites of Canada tell the story of defining moments in Canada’s history, and help Canadians celebrate their shared cultural heritage. The Alaska Highway Corridor should be part of that story, and the designation will provide a platform on which to commemorate and promote the shared history of the Alaska Highway’s cultural landscape – especially with the upcoming 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway, and the 150th anniversary of Canada in 2017.

The AHCS and AHHS are also looking past 2017, and plan to continue work to raise the profile of the Alaska Highway Corridor through economic development, tourism, and built heritage preservation. In order to create a sustainable foundation for promoting the Alaska Highway’s cultural heritage resources and opportunities, the AHCS and AHHS are now seeking ideas and support for projects that will deepen our understanding of the highway's history, contribute to interpretation of places within the corridor, and encourage visitors to spend more time seeing places that bear witness to thousands of years of history.

In BC, funding through the Peace River Regional District is the foundation for this work, including research, the BC engagement program, communications, and developing Yukon partners. In Yukon, funding for the initial phase of the project was provided by the Yukon Tourism Product Development Partnership Program, the Community Development Fund and CanNor, with support from Northwestel and Yukon Energy.

April Moi, Administrator
Alaska Highway Community Society (BC)
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