Northern BC Tourism works with journalists, freelance writers, social influencers, editors and broadcasters on travel-focused stories to build awareness of our region. We assist with everything from research to travel planning, image sourcing, interview contacts, filming and more. 

The relationships we initiate and foster with influential travel writers and media outlets lead to northern BC being featured around the world.

Contact Kyle Flannagan, Media Relations, if you would like more information on our Travel Media Program.

Banner image: Exstew Falls, Terrace (Destination BC / Grant Harder)

In the Media…

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UK Times

July 14, 2019

British Columbia: your perfect fortnight mapped out READ ARTICLE >>

British Columbia is the great outdoors on an epic scale: cloud-raking mountains and driftwood-strewn beaches; glacier-fed lakes and salmon-heavy rivers; rainforests cloaked in moss and mist. “Beautiful British Columbia” declare licence plates across the province. It won’t take you long to agree.

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July 4, 2019

What It's Like to Kayak With Whales in Haida Gwaii READ ARTICLE >>

From my plane window, the islands of Haida Gwaii rise from the Pacific mist like mountains floating in the sky. The chain of 150 moss-draped isles, 62 miles off the northern tip of British Columbia, is known as the Galápagos of the North for the many plant and animal species that exist there and nowhere else. One of the most isolated locations on Earth, it's a place where ancient forests of cedar and Sitka spruce soar hundreds of feet into the air, black bears prowl the shores, and orcas rule the waves.

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UK Times

July 13, 2019

Up close and personal in wild Canada


It was somewhere in Chatham Sound that the rave began, a rhythmic sound of bass, slow and steady and echoing in my chest like my heartbeat. Above it a series of clicks sporadically joined in, with the occasional wail — and, indeed, the occasional whale — disrupting the regularity of the tune with looping melodies.

I wasn’t actually at a party, not a human one anyway, but out at sea in search of wildlife in the west Canadian province of British Columbia, just 70km from Alaska, and at that moment, surrounded by a 30-strong pod of rather musical orca.

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July 3, 2019

Nine reasons to love Haida Gwaii


If you’ve heard anything about Haida Gwaii, then you probably know it’s often called Canada’s Galapagos because of its vibrant plant and animal life. It takes time to make your way to the remote archipelago, off the coast of northern British Columbia, but you’ll never forget the dramatic landscape, coastal rainforest and Haida culture. Here are nine reasons to make this your next trip.